"There are endless reasons why an Art of Insight workshop is worth attending, not least of all being to spend time around humans feeling safe and content. Even as a born skeptic with “no creativity” I’ve loved creating here. 

Insight, for reals."

                         - Katie

"I freaking loved the Art of Insight workshop I attended. From the moment I entered the space I was overwhelmed (in the best possible way) by the safe, healing, loving energy in the room. Tessa has a way of making everyone feel at home so even if you're nervous you can trust that you will be at ease in no time. There is absolutely no pressure or expectation on you which is what I really adored. It's all about your unique self expression... I was even able to let go of any "am I doing in right, wrong, etc. dialogue" which had been pretty ingrained whenever I did art. Tessa encourages you to embrace the true meaning of art ~ that there is no right or wrong. Go check it out for yourself, highly recommend."


- Amanda Hill

"Everything you do speaks to me, but more than that inspires me. Every time I watch you do your thing or I'm lucky enough to be a part of what you do I am left completely full of warmth, love and thought. Thought about who I am, what makes me who I am and how I can continue to build myself and my self love. You shine so bright and everything you do is selfless and for the betterment of our world. I have never met someone who empowers so freely without judgement or expectation. You create space for people to be who they are and to continue to grow. Your work is truly unique and special and I am always looking forward to what comes next!" 


- Shani Cain

"From the moment I stepped into the room holding the Vision Board circle, I felt at ease. Tessa is such a beautiful soul who allows the night to flow where it needs to, and did not force us to stick to a certain structure of how the night “should look”. With Tessa’s gentle guiding hand, we were able to relax and be open and real with each other, and with the process of making our vision boards. Thank you so much Tessa for a truly beautiful night."


- Em Fitts

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