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Winter Wellness eBook

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Help me to reach and support as many people as possible this winter! I would be so grateful if you could share this page's link with those close to you, or repost the image of the front cover on your social feeds. 

I would also love to know about your experience with reading this eBook, your winter journey, or anything that resonates with you within the pages. Feel free to let me know your thoughts via email/ Instagram.

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The Art Of Insight's first eBook Insight, has been created in collaboration with 38 other women, who have dedicated an amazing amount of time and energy to create a two page spread aimed at improving people's mental and physical health during winter. 

I first thought of creating this collaborative eBook because of my past experiences with having my physical and mental health compromised, especially throughout winter. I soon realised that this was a common theme for a lot of the people in my life, and decided I wanted to set up a collaborative, financially accessible, and holistic health resource in order to support the people who need it most.


During winter I have struggled with regulating my moods, energy levels, perception of myself, others, and my future. I anticipate it every bloody year and up until a year ago I thought it was so normal to just “white knuckle it”, or push through winter. I put this down to lots of things; a decrease in light/ colour, more time to think (leading to increased awareness of myself and anxiety), and less reaching out to those in my support circle.


I hope to increase the amount of supports (whether big or small) available to people who are prone to feeling mentally or physically unwell during winter, so that they have the oppertunity to enjoy the beauty that winter can be be accompanied by.


What I know is this:


Working through your 'stuff ' asks a lot of you. It asks for more patience, kindness, resilience, honesty, courage and faith in yourself.


Are you feeling brave enough to try your best to bring these things to the table? Because if you are, what I can promise you is that our beautiful contributors have put in a lot of work to do the initial step for you. They have provided you with a channel for change, an outline for your journey, a support network, and a warm hand to guide you through the process.

About the Winter Wellness eBook

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