Have you been surviving or thriving?

Think on that one for a moment.

Either way, you've come to the right place.

If you're hanging in there surviving; we feel you. And, enough's enough. You deserve the world. Get clear on what it is you want and learn about what isn't serving you anymore.

If you're thriving; are you ready to be seen? Are you ready to level up and shine even brighter? Get clear on the next upgrade coming your way.  Times of manifesting take us through a channel of grounding, focusing, expanding and upgrading.


What will you leave behind?

What's no longer yours to hold onto?

Where do you want to be this time next year?

How about in the next month?


Is there a vision you want to bring to life?

Let's get clear on what you want.

Secure your place in one of The Art of Insight's Vision Board circles.

Join us, Tessa Lloyd and Julia Hogarth, for an afternoon of magic. The kind of magic that manifests itself in your mind, your body, your soul, and your vision.

We will take you through a powerful journey four hour journey, with 15 other light beams who are there for the same thing; intentional living.


Experience our combination of meditation and creation, and let the process guide you. No pressure necessary, no artistic background needed.

Leave this workshop feeling aligned, and sure of your upcoming path for the the next month, the next season, or the next year.

The Art of Insight's Vision Board Circles are held in Geelong, Victoria. Our special venue is within the Boom Gallery (if there are any changes to venues you will be notified immediately). Light snacks are always provided. There's no need to bring anything but an open, honest heart. 


Places are limited to 16 per circle.

See you there, light beams. 

Secure your place

Next Vision Board Circle: January 11th 2020


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Website photography by Nella Fullard, The Ninety Mile


Model: Alex Jago and Mino Wu

Wearing: HARA the label

Floristry by: Katie Zwar