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My housemates and I are lucky enough to live near the coast in Australia, and are able to enjoy everything Summer has to offer. With Summer comes the time off work and road trips along the coast, the beach cricket and barbecues, the ripe mangos and cider in the sun, the late balmy nights, and the lazy afternoon naps. Our days are brighter, longer, and full of energy. We certainly adore Summer and look forward to it coming around every year. Having said that though, physical and mental health doesn’t discriminate during the seasons, and there are still various things to be mindful of (and practice) to keep yourself feeling well during the hot months.

The Winter Wellness edition “Insight”, was dedicated to supporting people through the colder months; a time where we can often feel isolated, lacking motivation, and sad. To put it simply: to support the winter blues. Whilst this eBook is taking a different approach to health and wellbeing given the change in seasons, it is still taking into account the issues that can arise for some during summer. This includes the pressure to have the perfect bikini body, the idea that we need to be up and having fun all of the time, the difficulty some of us can have grounding ourselves and focusing on planning/ executing our plans, the changes in sleeping patterns and daily routines, increased dehydration and fatigue, and the decrease in time with your usual social circle.


In Chinese Medicine, Summer is referred to as the natural time to engage in lots of activities, enjoy the sun, and relish in the high levels of summer energy. Coinciding with this though, is a tendency to grow, hot, fatigued and irritable with the longer days, increased sun exposure, and decreased wind down time. According to Chinese Medicine, the best way for us to maintain health is to have an appropriate relationship with our environment during summer and respect that natural, seasonal cycles that occur during this time.


Throughout Abundance, you will not only find a huge variety of things to do to make the most of the long and colourful Summer days, but also heaps of solutions to help you work through the above issues if they pop up for you. The chapters are titled “Nourish”, “Embodiment”, and “Light” and feature the work of almost 20 women who have written about both their professional and personal experiences with Summer health and wellbeing. As well as this, you’ll find the work of 11 artists, both local and from across the world, who have submitted pieces that bring this eBook to life.


The name Abundance popped up for me frequently leading up to the eBook naming stage, and I couldn’t go past it. Abundance means to have an overflowing amount of something, something that I want to encourage within these pages. To seek abundance means to be open to letting life in; to open your mind to the world around you. To practice gratitude and be open to the joy that life can bring. We all hope to support you to do this during Summer months.

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