Mind Rising

A four month journey of mental health empowerment for women

I see you, woman.


I see you at war with your mind; battling with over thinking, comparison, anxiety and sadness. I see how much you want things to change, and I see you grasping at straws trying to make this happen. I see you for all of the ways you deserve to be seen, to be heard & to be felt. I see you craving connection, comfort, safety & joy. 


Most of all, I see your light shining bright even when you feel at your darkest.


You have nothing to prove here gorgeous one, you are already infinitely perfect as you are.

Mind rising is a mental health empowerment journey based on the following foundations:

Self knowing

Self acceptance 

Self empowerment

Mind Rising is a movement of raising up.


This is a movement of gently bringing to surface our shame, guilt and  fear. Of raising our self worth and sense of self, and holding the bar up hirer for what we deserve. This is a movement that grounds you with endless practical mental health support tools that can be used throughout your lifetime.

This is a movement that takes your into our depths,

and then lifts you up with the power that you already have within you.

This is the uprising.

The change you’ve been craving.

Your chance to take your power back and devote yourself to the life that you deserve.

The program outline


Self knowing

1. Knowing yourself through self assessment

2. Knowing your mental health + knowing your triggers / soothers

3. Knowing your emotions

4. Knowing your feminine cycle


Self acceptance

5. Inner child work

6. Shadow work

7. Affirming your worth

8. Self love


Self empowerment #1

9. Soothing a nervous system using the senses

10. Intentionally using your time

11. Stillness and "being" for mental health

12. Nourish your mind: Nutrition + sleep for mental health

Self empowerment #2

13. Finding your mental health outlet; self expression and self care

14. The "Clean out"; detoxing your life

15. Accessing joy and play

16. Mindful communication with others

About me

What empowering your mental health looks like:

How the program works

Throughout the Mind Rising journey


Let's take the journey, together. 

When you sign up now, you'll receive full access to:

  • The Mind Rising online community where you'll find video lessons, interviews with guest speakers, workbooks for downloading and guided practical experiences.

  • A private Facebook group made only for members of the program to interact, share, receive feedback and go through the exercises together for 4 months

  • Monthly live calls for connecting, sharing, asking questions and learning from one another

  • A group of women who understand

  • Support and guidance in the private group from Mental Health Occupational Therapist trained in Art Psychotherapy, Tessa Lloyd.

Kate Daley

"I’ve learnt so much about myself, and the space we had in those calls was really something magical! You lead us like a boss (a kind, empathic boss at that)! I’ll definitely treasure these moments."

Christine Chamoun

You bring such a beautiful and understanding space for women of all kinds to feel safe. I did and shared things I would have never done but I knew I was in such a safe space that it was possible for me to. You made me feel seen Tessa.

Em Fitts

"Tessa is such a beautiful soul who allows the things to flow where they need to. With Tessa’s gentle guiding hand, we were able to relax and be open and real with each other, and with the process."

Amanda Hill

"Tessa has a way of making everyone feel at home so even if you're nervous, you can trust that you will be at ease in no time. There is absolutely no pressure on you.. it's all about your unique self expression."

Alex Tuechler

"I felt incredibly safe & held by both Tessa & the beautiful women in the group, it’s truly beautiful to be surrounded by strong & vulnerable women on a similar journey".

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let's start the journey, together.


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