Awaken the Creatress

Follow your instincts

For the women craving access to the wild, flowing waters of conscious, creative living. 


(n.) a goddess who creates something.


She’s stronger than your fear and anxiety.

She’s too inspired to let you go through your routine without pausing to experience pleasure and receive joy. 


She believes in your personal power far too much, to ever believe in your self-deprecating thoughts and perfectionism.


She knows that if you open your heart to the world, your love for yourself and others will radiate around you. 


She hears your true self calling out your name, inviting you to take the next step up.


She understands how to connect you with your higher purpose, and she’s going to hold your hand until you’re well and truly there.


She is your highest being. Grounded and safe. Playful and creative. Honest and divine.


She lies dormant unless awoken, but she is always, always alive. 


She is the Creatress. 


And it’s time to awaken her. 

Join an intimate group of 12 women on an eight week experiential journey, that will both support and empower you to fall in love with your life.


This course is for the women who:


  • are feeling disconnected from their inner Creatress, but can feel her presence within.

  • know that there is more out there. More joy, more freedom, more creativity, more life. 

  • want to access the flow of conscious, creative living, but lack the practical, grounded tools to get there.

Within this eight week online course you will receive all resources via email and live video calls. This includes:

  • work books,

  • journal prompts,

  • meditation recordings, 

  • weekly creative exercises and tips, 

  • a link to our private Facebook community,

  • and lots more secret goods to be announced..


Each week our group will tune in via an online group video call, to reflect, support, celebrate and grow together. You will have weekly access to me 1:1 via email, for any questions and support needs along the way. 

I bring my full being to every circle and woman that I hold space for. As well as this, a Bachelor in Occupational Therapy, Diploma in Art Therapy and 3 years of experience as a qualified Therapist and workshop facilitator. You can trust that I've had experience feeling disconnected from my life and my inner Creatress, and know that I've also discovered the tools to connect to her again.

I've got you, and so does your future soul squad.


 Creative living isn't paint brushes and perfectionism.

Creative living is a way of life.

It is how we speak from our soul. How we contribute something unique to this world. How we communicate. How we wake up in the morning. How we plan our future and process our past. How we remain present, and how we feel.

Creative living is the vibrating essence of you. 


The Creatress within you knows how to live like this.


Let's wake her up, together. 

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We would like to acknowledge the Wadawurrung people as the Traditional Owners of the land we work and live upon, and pay our respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and elders past, present & emerging.